ShortlyAI Free Trial 2022 Exclusive (No Credit Card Required)

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ShortlyAI Free Trial 2022 & Demo By Real User + Mega Bonuses Packages!

Welcome To My Honest ShortlyAI Free Trial 2022! Here I will explain to you in detail about a content writing and editing tool.

ShortlyAI free trial 2022 is Open AI's GPT-3-based AI Copywriting tool that enables you to turn your thoughts into well-written paragraphs. It uses commands to rewrite and expand your sentences instantly. Just with a click of a button, content created by the AI is completely original and passes all plagiarism checks.

In this ShortlyAI Free Trial 2022, I will share complete features and benefits that will help you better understand the product. So, keep reading.

On this page, you will get to know each & every aspect of this newly launched software, ShortlyAI Free Trial 2022- Complete features, benefits, Pricing upgrades, pros, cons & many more details.

Now, let us see the complete overview of the product.

ShortlyAI Free Trial: [Complete Product Overview]

Product Name – ShortlyAI
Trail Type – Free
Credit Card - Not required
Official Website – Click Here
Category – AI Copywriting & Content Creation
Training – Yes, Available
Support – Friendly support, early response
Bonuses – Yes

ShortlyAI Free Trial 2022: Features & Benefits

1) Ease of use

Shortly Free Trial is easy to use. Suppose you need to write a completely new article from scratch. All you need to follow the steps which given above with snapshots.

2) YouTube video script

Shortly Free Trial can write you a crisp YouTube video script within minutes. Ask any Youtuber and you would learn that writing a video script is quite time taking part of any video. Shortly AI Free Trial makes it a lot smoother.

3) “Instruct” command

You can use your voice to instruct a Short AI Free Trial instead of doing everything with your hands. The “Instruct” command acts like an assistant and responds to your voice commands.

4) Get your articles done

Shortly provides you with genuine original articles on the topic of your choice. It saves your time and effort which can otherwise be used elsewhere. 

ShortlyAI Free Trial 2022 - Writing

ShortlyAI Free Trial : Who Should Get This?

  • Marketers/Business Owners
  • Email Marketers
  • Local Marketers
  • Social Media
  • Marketers
  • Agencies/Enterprise-Level Businesses
  • Ecommerce Sellers
  • Start-ups
  • Brands
  • Digital Product Sellers
  • Affiliate Marketers

ShortlyAI Free Trial : Step By Step Features Break Down

Hereby presenting you with the step-by-step guide to avail the free trial of Shortly AI.

Step 1: Click on this special link to visit ShortlyAI’s official website that will look like this;

Step 2: Provide your email address and hit the “Try It now” button

ShortlyAI Free Trial 2022 - Step 2.PNG

Step 3: Next, you need to create your account. Sign up simply by putting your name and password.

ShortlyAI Free Trial 2022 - Step 3.PNG

Step 4: After that, you will be shown a welcome screen with some basic tips that will help you use this AI tool with ease.

ShortlyAI Free Trial 2022 - Step 4.PNG

Step 5: Now, you need to choose what kind of content you’re looking forward to writing.

Every time you start a new document you will be given two choices as mentioned above, so as of now, I have selected the first option “I’m writing an article/blog”.

ShortlyAI Free Trial 2022 - Step 5.PNG

Step 6: As soon as you select an option, you will be displayed a blank page where you can start testing this AI content generator software.

To get started with it, all you need to do is;

1. Provide some brief about what you are going to write about.

2. Enter an appropriate title for your content.

3. Write the first few words of a sentence

4. Lastly, click the ‘Write for me’ button to let Shortly AI do its job.

ShortlyAI Free Trial 2022 - Step 5.PNG

ShortlyAI Free Trial 2022: Complete OTO & Upgrades Info

ShortlyAI provides you with two pricing plans to enable you to decide Which Plan is Good For You; Monthly & Yearly. The yearly plan proves to be extremely economical as compared to the rest.

1. ShortlyAI Monthly Plan:
ShortlyAI Monthly Plan charges $79 per month without any restrictions on the number of words. This plan is good for people looking for a quick glance on the working. You can try it for yourself and then shift to yearly if that works for you.

2. ShortlyAI Yearly Plan:
The yearly plan for a writing assistant is quite affordable and it will be around $65 per month for with no restrictions on word count which is equivalent to using Shortly AI for two months for free at the cost of your yearly subscription. If you like it when you save extra bucks and have long term goals.

Final Conclusion on ShortlyAI Free Trial 

My Complete ShortlyAI Free Trial 2022 has concluded here & thanks a lot, guys, for checking it till the end. I have tried to cover everything related to ShortlyAI Free Trial 2022.

Shortly is an AI copywriting assistant that can write better sales copy, blog articles, social media posts, and marketing copy in a more effective way. It makes the process easy and can generate an unlimited amount of content quickly. I recommend getting this as it's a one-time fee. 

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